Change of Plans – Air Force

Google Image. This pic is just ridiculous. I like the colors.
Google Search Image. This pic is just ridiculous. I like the colors.

I had it all planned. My future was set up for adventure and success. As we all know, everything always goes according to plan. This is why a guillotine was brutally dropped on the path of my pre-thought out and perfectly sculpted itinerary of life.

The military was my route -the Air Force to be specific. I was all set to go off and become a brave broadcast journalist within the United States military when three weeks before I was scheduled to enter into basic military training I was informed that my contract was cancelled. This was not in the plan.

America’s government was recently shut down and as a result a sequestration was put into place. Unfortunately for me this caused the Air Force to make budget cuts. One initiative is to start by cutting 2000 accessions across the board. This is to lessen the amount of Active Duty Airmen who may be involuntary separated. My contract and my job was one of those accessions. I have just graduated college with a degree in broadcast journalism and wanted to get some experience, travel, and adventure under my belt in the most economical way possible. This is why I enlisted into the Air Force.

Within the Air Force, broadcasting is a critically manned career field, so when budget cuts were made it was one of the first 2000 accessions to be eliminated for the time being. Taking a look at the larger picture and by reaching out to a few contacts; it became known to me that the immediacy of the sequestration is shaping a new force that is looking to eliminate 25,000 people in the next five years.

The reason I am sharing this grand story is to create a spark! I strongly encourage readers to share in my frustration and see just one of the many effects a government shutdown can have on citizens. I want this spark to be for every reader to carefully consider who they vote for in political races. Do more than just watch the commercials. Research, and use multiple sources, AND VOTE. Hopefully through educated voting politicians will hold the American people to a higher standard, and not give in to lobbyists and corporate manipulation. America is an amazing country full of strength, generosity, and pride. C’mon representatives; remember your roots, don’t let your pride get in the way, and that “with great power comes great responsibility”.

worst congress

On a personal note: No, I have no idea what I am doing with my life now that my grand plan of serving my country has currently crumbled.

I am still looking into other options involving the Air Force; I am sending out cover letters and resumes looking for a job; I’ve created a blog (thanks for reading =D ); and am even aspiring to my childhood dream of becoming an actress. Which one of these avenues will work out?! I have no idea! I am just trying anything and everything until something comes up that will kick start me down the right path. Hell, I may even write a book next, who knows! Like I’ve said before, suppressing ambition is a very hard thing to do.


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