7 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is Great

I want to SPARK a change of heart for those who see Valentine’s Day as a pointless, unrewarded holiday; and refuse to celebrate or have any fun, especially if they are single.

First of all, there are many different types of love, and Valentine’s Day is a day to cherish them all.

daw how cute!
daw how cute!

Reach out to who or what you love most and give to that/ them this year. Valentine’s Day is not just for couples and hopeless romantics. If you love animals… give your day to the ASPCA. If you love food… spend the day cooking your favorite meal to perfection. If you love people and friends…. throw a party! There are so many ways to display love, do not limit yourself to romance.

In fact, St. Valentine was not just known for love… He is the Patron Saint of affianced couples, BEE KEEPERS, engaged couples, EPILEPSY,FAINTING, greetings, happy marriages, love, lovers, PLAGUE, TRAVELERS, YOUNG PEOPLE.

But anyway, here are 7 reasons why Valentine’s Day is awesome.

7. CANDY. It is a holiday for fancy sweets! Not just the bits of hard candy and random bite size bars associated with Halloween.


Valentine’s day allows the candy lover in all of us to enjoy thick festive cakes, truffle filled chocolates, pink and white frosted cookies, indulgent swirled lollipops, and heart-shaped boxes bursting with individual little friends to appease every taste bud. Not to mention this holiday allows for a color scheme that offers raspberry, cherry, strawberry, cotton candy, watermelon, cranberry, and red velvet flavors! There is no shame in buying these sweets for yourself. Actually, you should put it on your To-Do List right now. If you are smart… wait until the day after Valentine’s Day, and they will all be on sale.

6. CARDS. Oh man, remember going to school on Valentine’s Day? It was so much fun! You would bring the cards your mom bought from Wal-Mart and hand them out to all of your classmates. Everyone had a makeshift basket made of construction paper, glue, paper doilies, glitter, and stickers taped to their school desk. When you emptied the “basket” you would search through and read every card to see if your crush wrote anything special on yours! Then, when you grew up the cards became much more rare. Now when you receive a card, or give one, on Valentine’s day it is a symbol of especially caring for that specific someone. It could be a lover, mother, father, friend, cousin, etc. It could also be someone different every year, because this is a holiday where you don’t HAVE to send out cards if you don’t want to… unlike Christmas sometimes.

5. ALCOHOL. Like every other holiday, Valentine’s Day is one where alcohol can be highlighted.

Perfect reasoning.
Perfect reasoning.

So gather your single ladies, and grab the wine/ tequila because it is going to be a great night to spread the love between all the friends without dates! And single guys… grab the beer/Jack because it is a holiday, and holidays equal an excuse to have a party. Couples… wine at dinner, some champagne a little later by the fire 😉 you get the picture.

4. HISTORY AND LEGEND. Valentine’s Day was created due to the influence of a real man… a Christian man, St. Valentine. He was caught marrying Christian couples and aiding any Christians who were being persecuted under Emperor Claudius in Rome [when helping them was considered a crime], Valentinus was arrested and imprisoned. One legend says that on the eve of his death he wrote a note to the jailer’s daughter and signed it with “from your Valentine”. This holiday is so interesting! The traditions derived from it are not a result of faithful miracles, like many Christian holidays usually are. This could be why different people and different cultures can feel free to celebrate the holiday. The tradition of having a Valentine may have simply come from a letter written by a persecuted man in a Roman jail.  -Historical facts from: http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=159

3. MOVIES. Valentine’s Day is a great movie holiday! If you are in a relationship, it will most likely be the girl / more feminine partner to pick the night’s feature. But hey, if it’s going to set the tone for cuddling and getting a little closer, there is no need to put up a fight. Are you a hopeless romantic without a date? Good, grab some single friends and watch as many chick flicks as you want while eating ice cream with chocolate sauce!

Everyone, meet my Valentine =)
Everyone, meet my Valentine =)

You can spend your evening looking forward to falling in love with Ryan Gosling or Henry Cavill.It is your night; dream about whatever you want! Not feeling the whole lovey dovey scene? Great! Allow yourself to indulge in a night of psychological thrillers, and gory action adventures! Show your love for the cinema on Valentine’s Day, it’s movie time.



2. TRAVEL. St. Valentine was also a patron saint for travelers! So on this Valentine’s day take a trip! Celebrate the holiday through your love of travel. You can also check out some of the cool Valentine’s Day customs in other countries. Did you know that in parts of South Africa “young girls celebrate the occasion by following an old-age Roman festival of ‘Lupercalia’. According to this traditional festival, young girls pin their lovers name on their sleeves. At some places, men also follow this custom.” In Japan “on February 14, females present gifts to their boyfriends or any man close to them. The favor is returned to ladies on the White Day celebrated on March 14 when men pamper women who gave them gifts a month before on Valentines Day.” Even the Scottish cannot withhold from celebrating the holiday! One Scottish custom is that “the first young man or woman encountered on the street or elsewhere on Valentine’s Day becomes his or her Valentine and the day is celebrated with them.” -Cultural facts from: http://www.stvalentinesday.org/valentines-day-around-the-world.html

images1. CONVICTION. After Valentinus was imprisoned by the Roman Emperor Claudius, he was kept around for a while because the Emperor liked him. Although, Valentinus would not renounce his faith.St Valentine He maintained a true conviction toward Christianity no matter what and even tried to convert the Emperor. This was his final error. Claudius did not like that, so he sentenced the Christian to death. St. Valentine was beaten and beheaded outside the Flaminian Gate on February 14, about the year 270. In 496 AD Pope Gelasius marked February 14th as a celebration in honor of his martyrdom. Valentinus was condemned for not giving in and holding onto what he was passionate about. As a result he is celebrated centuries after his death. He was passionate about Christianity and love; and his conviction led him to be remembered. What is your passion? Whatever it is; maintain conviction for it and maybe you will be remembered too.
-Historical facts from: http://www.catholic.org/saints/saint.php?saint_id=159

If you really have no respect for the Valentine holiday or the emotion of love think about this…

Love is humanity’s purest form of righteousness. True love (NOT obsession, or blind devotion) is the strongest emotion that fuels what is right within us. Without it we go astray. Humanity needs love and connection to survive and maintain a positive moral code. Fight for loveThere is a reason love and peace go together… as well as love and war. It is much harder to fight for something through revenge or hate. Those negative emotions lead you to be consumed by those who have harmed you, and turn you into a dark and spoiled person. If you succeed in revenge do you really win? When you fight to protect something you love such as family, your country, or human rights; you will win in more than one way.

So don’t be a negative nancy and chalk up love to be an emotion only for the weak and obsessive. For that is the farthest thing from love, and the closest thing to hate.


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