My Crazy Work Life in 2014

Off to join as a Broadcaster!
Off to join the Air Force as a Broadcaster!

This time LAST year, I was preparing for my upcoming journey of joining the Air Force as a broadcast journalist. This time THIS year… I am preparing for my upcoming journey of joining the Air Force as a broadcast journalist. It would seem like not much has changed. Well nothing could be further from the truth…

The last time I had a contract with the Air Force it was abruptly cancelled due to budget cuts from the Sequestration. It was a devastating set back.  As a penniless, jobless, 22 year old college grad living with her mom I felt like a failure. I am not a person who likes to fail. I work too hard, and plan too much for that to happen. But it does. It does to everyone. Life is nice like that.

Anyway, as a result it SPARKED my ambition into overdrive. I created this blog and I applied to a bunch of jobs to anywhere and everywhere. I needed to start getting some cash back into my bank account so I could start saving up again. Right away I landed a job at a retail store in my local mall, and began substituting within the local school district. It was not where I wanted to be working as a young woman with a bachelor’s degree. But after facing the harsh reality of having to defer my student loans… well, beggars can’t be choosers.

My NYTimes ID

THEN a friend of mine hooked me up with an amazing opportunity! I was asked to be a temporary filler for the production department at the New York Times in NYC! I slept on couches for a few weeks and was working along side the pros. I was thrilled to be back in the journalism field, even if it was just for a little while.

As a result I was able to land a part time job at my local TV news station when I got back. I was hired as the video ingester. My hours were from 4:30-8:30AM. My sleep pattern definitely suffered from this.

I would take him on as a best friend.
I would take him on as a best friend.

I had quit my mall job to go to New York, and school was ending so subbing was ending, and I wasn’t going to save enough money to move out of my mom’s place by only working part time…. this is when I added being a photographer to my job list. I was hired by Whitewater Challengers to take pictures of guests while they rafted down the Black River. I ingested in the mornings and took pictures during the day.

With the Whitewater Challengers Rafting Company Photo Credit: Chelsie Taddonio
Whitewater Challengers Rafting Company
Photo Credit: Chelsie Taddonio

I loved taking pictures of the guests, and I’ve never had better bosses and co-workers! Hands down one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.

By the end of August I was offered a full time position with salary pay and benefits at a different local TV station. My first “big girl” job, and something I was ready to settle into if I didn’t get a new Air Force contract soon. It wasn’t journalism but it was close. I was hosting, filming, editing, and my work was airing on TV! I was learning a lot and very happy to be working in the media.

Then, of course a few months later my recruiter called me and let me know that an Air Force broadcaster contract had come up and it was all mine if I still wanted it. I was faced with a decision. A decision that would greatly impact the type of life I was going to live.

Am I wrong for trying to reach the future that I seeEven though I had a good job that would allow me to be able to start supporting myself, I decided I still wanted to join the military. I want to be a part of that 1% that defends my country; and I want to do it by using the skills I am talented at. The skills I can keep improving, and can continue to use after I leave the military. Traveling and jumping around from place to place all over the world, sounds great for me; much better than settling down. I am not ready to do that. The tactics I’ll learn and the people I’ll meet, is what I am most excited for. I put in my notice at work; and now a little more than a month later I am leaving my stable TV job for a military life… basic training starts next week!

As you can see I’ve been pretty busy… hence the huge gap in blog posts.

If you are still reading this post then great! Because my sharing all of this actually DOES have a purpose. All of these twists and turns have SPARKED the realization of an important life lesson, and I want to share it.

It is to have PATIENCE and to LET IT GO. (DON’T start singing that Frozen song. If I have to hear that one more time…)

Have patience with what life throws at you; and if it is something negative, learn to push on without holding a grudge. Let it go, because you will never succeed with a chip on your shoulder.




Do not get angry with the universe or yourself once something goes wrong. Be patient because you cannot be unhappy inside yourself, without making others unhappy too.

BUT do not sit around waiting for something to happen either. If I had just sat around waiting for another Air Force contract I would have never gained experience at 3 media organizations, one at a national level; and created a photography portfolio. Once I let go of my anger toward the unfairness of life, my attitude improved and opportunities presented themselves to me.

Oh and by the way…. this lesson can also be applied to more than just your professional ventures. I’ve had to work hard at applying this to a variety of misfortunes this year. Loss, heartache, stress. It works, it just takes time.

OK, ok, my “philosophical” rant is now over… feel free to go forth and spread this wisdom.





2 thoughts on “My Crazy Work Life in 2014

  1. Girlfriend, as my eyes well with tears my heart builds with much joy for you and your next adventure in the full throttle life you have led this far. So so proud of your gung ho ambition and never letting anyone tell you that you can’t. Obviously, they are wrong! God speed and know I am always thinking of you.

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