Have you ever heard the phrase, or used the phrase “that sparked something in me”? Well I have, and it happens a lot. There are so many movies, books, articles, pictures, human gestures, lectures, music, food etc. that sparks an interest in me. The spark it creates can be in the form of motivation, curiosity, inspiration, satisfaction, or even action. Sparks are so small but have so much power because they take the form of endless possibilities. They are the cause to an effect and when they reach their goal, they inflame. This is why I chose to make the theme of my blog about sparks. The title “Maybe A Spark” is a title in which I am expressing my hopefulness that each blog post will spark some type of emotion within the reader. Just a small emotion… just a little bit of interest in the topic I have written about that will encourage you (the reader) to look into it a little further. This is my goal.

I would like to think of my writing style as a mix of columnist and blogger. I am young and “green” to the world. I am growing and my opinions are morphing the older I get. With each challenge I face, I am exposing myself to a different vision and a new way of thinking. I try to do this on purpose. When I write about a topic; I want my writing to reflect this mindset… an open mindset.


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